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Tonight’s Show Canceled


There’s no show this week. I’m sick and so is Dennis. For those keeping track, I think this may only be the fourth time in the nearly seven years we’ve been doing the show that I’ve had to cancel it because of illness. After all, you probably don’t want to hear us hacking up phlegm for an hour anyway. We should be good to go by next week so we’ll return Friday, August 29th.

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EPISODE 304 – It’s Hammer Time!


We’re joined by Las Vegas radio personality, Brian Hammer on today’s show. We investigate why Mike is once again missing this week. We review THE EXPENDABLES 3. Rumor has it GameStop may be gearing up to introduce a store credit card, and it has a really high interest rate. Rent a man for a day to be your personal butler, chauffeur, cook or even chair thanks to a new San Francisco startup called ManServants. You can now find out if someone died in your house or apartment thanks to a new website called Dustin Diamond is the executive producer on a new Lifetime movie called THE UNAUTHORIZED SAVED BY THE BELL STORY. A Brazilian woman given up for adoption as a baby finds out on a radio show she has a brother and she’s married to him! A homeless shelter in Corpus Christi, TX feeds everyone 75-pounds of Tiger Shark thanks to a fisherman’s donation. And we learn that Mario’s prehistoric pal, Yoshi has a much longer, official name.

EPISODE 303 – Where’s The Penis?


Jabari and Mike are out again. This may be the first show with which we’ve had the Charlie, Dennis, Chase combination of hosts. Quentin Tarantino decides to go forward with THE HATEFUL EIGHT after the script’s leak. We update you on the penis amputation story from last week. Shelly Sterling wins the right to sell the LA Clippers without her husband’s permission. Spider-Man punches a cop in Times Square raising concerns over whether these costumed characters should be licensed. We look at some overrated beers on a list compiled by Deadspin. PETA offers to pay overdue water bills in Detroit, but those customers must pledge to go vegan for a month. The most unhealthy restaurant meal is found at Red Robin. Gordon Ramsay’s youngest daughter gets her own cooking show. And a man in China is told by the hospital that he’s actually a woman!