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EPISODE 301 – Nutflix


We’re LIVE from the iHeartRadio studios at Premiere Networks in Los Angeles, CA. Netflix is hiring people in the UK to watch Netflix all day. We talk about an 80s movie made in 2014 called WOLFCOP. We read a listener E-Mail with questions for each of us. Alex Kurtzman and Chris Morgan plan to bring all the classic Universal monsters into one cohesive universe. Gwyneth Montenegro, a former escort, has written a book about her career called, “10,000 Men And Counting.” A new study finds the gas that makes your farts smell is actually good for your cells and may help prevent some diseases. And in Chicago, unions are upset by a faucet company’s choice to limit employees bathroom breaks to just six-minutes per day.

EPISODE 300 – Hate Wavelength


In an attempt to streamline my workflow for this show I’ve decided, starting with our 300th episode, I’m not going to write long show notes or blog entries anymore. I’m also forgoing the silly images and graphics that accompany them. Lets be honest, who reads the five or six paragraphs I write each week anyway? You’re here to listen, not read. And I too am guilty of this. I don’t read show notes either… I just hit play and go about my business. So instead, in a feeble attempt to keep Google from flushing us down the SEO shitter, I’ll just be writing a short four or five sentence summary (as seen below) of what’s covered on each episode. And the Show Links will remain as they are. I’ll talk more about this on our next episode because after all, you probably aren’t reading this anyway.

We celebrate 300 shows in the can! We debut our new theme music. We take a celebratory shot that I quickly regret. We read listener E-Mails. Plus, talk about some good and bad memories from the past six-and-a-half years. And Dennis calls Jabari a hater so the two go at it on-air for our enjoyment.

EPISODE 299 – Age Of Ex-stank-tion


TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EX-STANK-TIONIf you’ve been a subscriber to our show since day-one — which is highly unlikely because nobody listened to this crap back then — you likely have quite a few MP3 files in your playlist. I’m gonna make an educated guess and saaayyy 299? Here we are on the eve of our 300th episode. It’s been a longtime coming. We take a moment at the top of the show and try to figure out the math. I’ve commented here numerous times that I hate/suck at math. We average around 40 shows a year. We could do more but we wouldn’t want you to get sick of us and cancel that subscription.

Speaking of subscriptions… it was fun while it lasted wasn’t it Aereo customers? This past week the United States Supreme Court ruled that the startup company with which you rent a tiny coin-sized antenna and receive over-the-air broadcast via an intuitive interface on your phone, tablet, computer or TV was in violation of broadcasters’ copyrights since they were charging customers a monthly fee like a cable company but not paying the networks carriage fees unlike a cable company. They gotcha there Aereo. Still, it’s a cool idea, plus their cloud DVR and software interface is pretty slick. It’d be a shame if the company simply died. Our suggestion is they get into the hardware business and just sell the tiny antenna and a Roku-like box that runs their program for a one time fee. Orrr, since Aereo apparently works with the Roku and the Apple TV, just sell the tiny antenna and beef up your channels on those platforms.

Reviews pop up a few times during this episode. I read off some reviews for our F.D.V.D.O.T.W.W.M.A.N. since its one-star rating was just asking for it. THE MUMMY RESURRECTED, which is totally unrelated to the Universal franchise fooled a few Amazon renters who in turn got ‘wrapped up’ in sharing some candid thoughts on it and I decided to share them with you.

It seems a one-star rating was given to the new Channing Tatum/Mila Kunis green screener JUPITER ASCENDING by a test audience as well as execs at Warner Bros. The film is reportedly suffering from a confusing plot that required reshoots to clarify some things and some of the visual effects weren’t finished leaving little material for an effective marketing campaign. As a result, the studio has decided to push the movie’s release from July of this year to February of next year! We discuss the ramifications of movies getting reshoots and delays in releasing. Is it the kiss of death for a film? The real highlight of this story focuses more on the directors of the movie, the Wachowski siblings. If you haven’t kept up on the duo that brought us THE MATRIX trilogy, then here’s a hint, they used to be referred to as “the Wachowski brothers”.

Shane Black recently gave us his take on Iron Man and now he’s going to do the same for PREDATOR. Don’t worry, they aren’t rebooting the franchise again. In fact, Black made it very clear his film will be a sequel taking advantage of all the mythology within the PREDATOR universe. There’s plenty to play with there. Should be interesting to see what he does with the property.

TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION debuted Friday. And like the previous three films people loved it, but also hated it. The TRANSFORMERS franchise seems to be in this inexplicable gray area where people complain the movies are noisy, incoherent messes — and the fourth is no different — yet they keep going back to the theater every time a new one comes out. The stories always suck, the characters are either annoying or unmemorable and the special effects are so loud and in your face you’re desensitized and fatigued with them within the first 10-minutes of the movie. But god damn it, the CG sure looks good and that automatically makes it awesome for some people. And those people are the ones that spent $100-million this weekend on Michael Bay’s latest demo reel. That’s all it takes anymore to make a good movie. Fuck the story, stick the script in the trash, just make pretty visual effects. I picked a few hilarious, Rotten Tomatoes from the review vine to share on today’s show.

It’s been awhile since I challenged the fellas so they’re a bit rusty. They were unable to get a ‘Chase’s Challenge’ on today’s show correct. But Dennis came close. It’s a new product I came across called the “Phone Strap” and it may or may not literally do what its name suggests. And if it does, where and how? But it might not. See if you can figure this out in the allotted time of the challenge.

It’s unanimous, the Who Asked You? Crew all agree kids shouldn’t have homework. We’d go as far as to ban it. This is why we’re not in charge. It’s also why we might fit in with the town of Hallstahammer in Sweden. Their city council is considering making homework against the law. Their arguments are pretty sound. Parents often can’t help their kids as the work is different than when they were in school and some can’t help at all because they’re working and don’t have time. Kids do however, have plenty of time during the day to get all the school work they need while in school. No wonder some adults can’t leave their work at work. We’re all trained from the start to bring this shit home with us. Well, we say screw that! School work should stay AT SCHOOL. The education minister in Sweden thinks this is a bad idea. I’m not sure what his reasoning is, but it better not be the lame excuse that banning homework leads to drop outs and lower test scores and such, because Finland begs to differ. We’ve got some interesting statistics when it comes to being homework free.

Now, at the risk of being hypocritical, we’ve got a homework assignment for you. Write us an E-Mail or send us a voice message with your thoughts on our 300th episode that’s coming up. Tell us how long you’ve been listening, or why you listen or share some of your favorite moment(s) from the show. We’ll put them on-air as we celebrate 300 podcasts July 11th. And make plans to be free that Friday night so you can join us LIVE in the chat room during the stream. There’ll be cake and booze… that is, we’ll have cake and booze with us, in-studio. You’ll have to buy your own.