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EPISODE 317 – Cookie Kingpins

DC confirms a TEEN TITANS pilot. Should Jonathan Frakes direct the next STAR TREK? A fake apology from Sony Pictures’ CEO. And Girl Scout Cookies gets an app.

EPISODE 316 – Mosasaurs And Margaritas

It’s all about trailers! Last week teasers for JURASSIC WORLD and STAR WARS: EPISODE VII: THE FORCE AWAKENS dropped. We discuss our expectations for both films.

EPISODE 315 – Speeding Dicket

Jaden and Willow Smith’s bizarre interview with T Magazine. A cop pulls men over to show them his junk. And one of Hitler’s watercolors goes up for auction.

EPISODE 314 – Spinacles

We review the SIMPSONS/FUTURAMA crossover. Doom’s new name and job in FANTASTIC FOUR. Atari’s buried games sell big on eBay. And the Cosby rape meme incident.

EPISODE 313 – Preboot People

The comical plot of TERMINATOR: GENISYS. We review JOHN WICK and NIGHTCRAWLER. The 20 catchiest songs of all time. And BREAKING BAD action figures at Toys”R”Us.

EPISODE 312 – Jeopardy In The Jungle

While on a train ride to a remote jungle resort, a cursed jewel attracts a terrifying creature that pursues Inspector Hatch and attendees of an exclusive gala.

EPISODE 311 – To The Escape Hatch!

It’s our 7th Anniversary show! Dennis moves his mom’s futon in a hilarious tale. We dive into Jabari’s mind. And list some movies with good atmosphere in them.

EPISODE 310 – PG-15

SUPER TROOPERS is getting a sequel. After 50 years, Saturday morning cartoons are gone. 50% of married women have a backup spouse. And penises grown in a lab.

EPISODE 309 – The Cost Of Living

Rabbi Krustofski dies on THE SIMPSONS. Movie theaters refuse day-and-date release on Netflix. Warner and DC plan a SUICIDE SQUAD movie. And TV show home prices.

EPISODE 308 – A Drop In The Bucket

An Anchorage, AK TV reporter quits on-air. An update to BILL & TED 3. A look back on Whoopi Goldberg’s THEODORE REX role. And a bar using a bucket for a toilet.

EPISODE 307 – What’s In The Box?

The Apple Watch is unveiled. Switzerland’s drive-in brothel is a success. The all-female GHOSTBUSTERS reboot. And $100 gets you unlimited pasta at Olive Garden.

EPISODE 305 – Anonymous Tip

We’re joined by Decibel Geek’s Chris Czynszak. John Stamos wants to bring back FULL HOUSE. A Texas brewer’s new 99-pack of beer. And Arby’s new Meat Mountain.

EPISODE 304 – It’s Hammer Time!

Earn reward points with GameStop’s new credit card. A San Francisco start up offering ‘Man Servants’. And a new website tells you if someone died in your house.

EPISODE 303 – Where’s The Penis?

Spider-Man gets arrested in Times Square. Deadspin’s list of overrated beers. PETA offers to pay Detroit water bills. And a Chinese man finds out he’s a woman!