LATEST Episodes

EPISODE 329 – Hotractor

Aliens and assassins! TV shows getting cancelled this year. A vibrator with a webcam. Why men are attracted to curvy women. And the Krispy Kreme Luther Dog?!?!

EPISODE 328 – The Dark Prophet

Our EXODUS/Batman crossover. The next two STAR WARS get directors. Lots of GHOSTBUSTERS news. The high prices of Apple Watches. And, a $65,000 bag of Kanye air.

EPISODE 327 – Two Balls Dropped

HBO’s streaming service will cost $15 a month!?!? THE EXPENDABLES gets a TV series. Should kids get to opt-out of standardized testing? And PornHub’s Wank Band.

EPISODE 326 – #KelseyCashingChecks

A Cleveland news anchor’s racial slur. A recap of the Razzies. The violent but awesome POWER/RANGERS film. Adobe sues Forever 21. And we remember Leonard Nimoy.

EPISODE 325 – The Bulbs

Our review of KINGSMAN: THE SECRET SERVICE. Spider-Man joins the Marvel movie universe. A Montana law to ban yoga pants. And Edible Anus’ butt hole chocolates.

EPISODE 324 – Burned To The Ground

Randy Quaid’s creepy YouTube video. An Australian beer breakdown. UK’s three-parent children. Selling your poop for science. And a guy selling poop as whiskey.

EPISODE 323 – Wilhelm Wonka

Tales of restaurant terror. Hershey’s UK chocolate ban. The Indominus Rex debuts at JURASSIC WORLD. SkyMall goes bankrupt. And, King Tut’s botched mask repair.

EPISODE 322 – Charluis de Sade

Fox wants to bring back THE X-FILES. Ship your enemies glitter thanks to a couple new sites. The nine most used words in erotic fiction. And a teenage OB/GYN?!?

EPISODE 321 – Grade F Chocolate

The GHOSTBUSTERS remake will have nods to the original. Kurt Busch says his ex is an assassin. Mark Wahlberg wants a pardon. And Kraft ruins Cadbury Creme Eggs.

EPISODE 320 – Damn You Fart Sniffers

CES 2015’s most overpriced gadets. The “Man-Spreading” problem on NY subways. Things states rank worst at. And, get records-by-mail with the new Vnyl service.

EPISODE 319 – Lee Lichards

It’s a special 90-minute edition of Who Asked You? as we take our annual look ahead at the year’s movies coming to a theater near you!

EPISODE 318 – Clog It With Corn

It’s our 2014 Best Of/Worst Of list including movies, TV shows, music, technology and more! All that and our Clip Of The Year on this Year-In-Review special!

EPISODE 317 – Cookie Kingpins

DC confirms a TEEN TITANS pilot. Should Jonathan Frakes direct the next STAR TREK? A fake apology from Sony Pictures’ CEO. And Girl Scout Cookies gets an app.

EPISODE 316 – Mosasaurs And Margaritas

It’s all about trailers! Last week teasers for JURASSIC WORLD and STAR WARS: EPISODE VII: THE FORCE AWAKENS dropped. We discuss our expectations for both films.

EPISODE 315 – Speeding Dicket

Jaden and Willow Smith’s bizarre interview with T Magazine. A cop pulls men over to show them his junk. And one of Hitler’s watercolors goes up for auction.