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EPISODE 312 – Jeopardy In The Jungle


Inspector Robert Hatch and his wife Evelyn are invited to a remote jungle resort for an exclusive gala featuring the world’s finest jewels and gems. While traveling to the hotel by private train, they meet owner Rudolph Sterling, gala coordinator, Beverly Boniford and magician, Mago the Mysterious. Sterling unveils the showcase piece, an ancient jewel which legend says is cursed. Whoever possessed it, would be hunted by a terrible creature that wouldn’t stop until the jewel was in its hands. But when a tree falls on the tracks and the train’s fireman is killed by an unknown beast, everyone quickly realizes this legend may actually be true! Now they race to the resort to call for help with something in close pursuit. Will they be able to stop it before it kills again? Find out on “Jeopardy In The Jungle.”

EPISODE 311 – To The Escape Hatch!

  • It’s the 7th Anniversary of the Who Asked You? show!
  • While I hunt unsuccessfully for a listener E-Mail, Dennis entertains us with another of his adventures helping his mom. This time, he’s tasked with moving a futon.
  • We then celebrate seven years by cracking open a vintage 2010 bottle of wine!
  • We chat for a moment about the deaths of Jan Hooks from SNL and actress Elizabeth Peña.
  • Entering Jabari’s mind, we discover everyone in his dreams appears naked except for him.
  • Jabari comes up with an amazing tagline that belongs on a T-Shirt.
  • Because it’s Who Asked You?, we get into a conversation about movies with good atmosphere and having a viewing party to watch some of them.
  • Looking at our November 2007 website via the WayBack Machine at, I read the original bios I don’t remember writing for us.
  • And looking at our old homepage reminds us of the pains of hand-coding websites back in the day.

EPISODE 310 – PG-15

  • Charlie is out this week and Mike arrives a little late. But Dennis Jabari and I hold down the fort in the meantime.
  • Dennis gives us his review of the horror movie, ANNABELLE.
  • A one-time batch of Orion Seductress Sindicate Lager was handed out at a STAR TREK convention in London. We wonder what it tasted like.
  • IN THE HEAT OF THE NIGHT along with a nine-episode run of TWIN PEAKS heads to Showtime.
  • Jabari and Dennis both provide an impromptu review of X-MEN:DAYS OF FUTURE PAST during the New Releases.
  • SUPER TROOPERS 2 is officially on its way and Broken Lizard plans to use Kickstarter to finish funding it.
  • Last Saturday was the first weekend in 50-years that didn’t have Saturday morning cartoons on broadcast television. Mike took the news pretty well.
  • A new study suggests that half of married women have a ‘spare’ spouse standing by in case their marriage goes flat.
  • Johnny Lee Banks Jr. refiles his lawsuit still claiming the hospital amputated his member instead of circumcising it.
  • And, in five years, scientists may be ready to start clinical trials on lab-grown penises. Good news for Mr. Banks!