EPISODE 125 – Rogue Enablers Of Content Theft

New Wonder Woman Costume

New Wonder Woman Costume

This week’s show is a lot about change. It’s rather fitting too since Who Asked You? will be changing next Sunday. It’s perhaps our biggest change to date as we start broadcasting our show live on ErrorFM Sundays at 8pm/PT. But that’s not the only change we’re talkin’ about today.
You’ve heard us time and time again mention a secret web society everyone uses but nobody acknowledges exists. We refer to it as the “Bureau Of Acquisitions”. Whatever you might call it, one thing is for sure, we promote it regularly on our show. Hence today’s title, which actually a quote from an E-Mail Viacom presented to a US District Court, it’s a name Google called YouTube in this E-Mail shortly before buying them. Simply put, Google was being sued by Viacom for numerous copyright violations on YouTube. Viacom was showing the judge that even before Google’s acquisition of YouTube they thought too, the site was promoting copyright infringement. But luckily, our lawmakers did at least one thing right 12 years ago by passing a little Interweb law protecting sites like YouTube from copyright lawsuits if they remove the content in question when asked by its owners. The judge heard Viacom’s case, but sited this law and threw the lawsuit out. A victory for those of us and those companies that realize things are different now. The business models television has worked with all these years no longer applies. Cast, crews and production budgets are just going to have to be cheaper. You’ll hear much more about this on today’s show and we invite your opinions too! Send us your thoughts to be read on the air.
Before all that jazz we conjure up some magical news from the new “Wizarding World of Harry Potter” attraction at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. It seems American theme parks these days are facing a ‘growing’ dilemma… pun, which will become apparent momentarily, intended. We park-goers are no longer faced with just the “you must be this tall to ride the ride” signs, but also tests that measure our girth. Or in a sense, “you can’t be this wide to ride” signs. At the Harry Potter park there are test seats that some of our more inflated muggles must try out to make sure they can safely go on the rides. Humiliating? Possibly, but the parks do this for visitor safety. And this goes far beyond theme parks. Remember Kevin Smith and the airplane fiasco? Here comes that pun… it’s a growing problem in America for businesses who emphasize something as simple as a chair or bench. Not just growing as in more and more… but also as in literally getting bigger. They’re having to increase weight limits, widen seats or in Disney’s case, deepen pools to accommodate this country’s growing waist line. Once again, it’s a different time. Things are changing.
And it doesn’t stop there. A whole new era is on the way for one of DC Comic’s most iconic heroines. After almost 70 years Wonder Woman is getting a makeover. She’s ditching the patriotic Daisy Dukes in favor of a more modern, tough look. Her story is also going through a reboot. Something we at Who Asked You? all agree is NOT a good idea. Anytime you start messing with backstories and the continuity of established characters and worlds it’s not only confusing to readers both new and old, but it’s a disservice to all the writers before you who worked so hard to maintain that story and build up a rich interesting character you could really enjoy. But like so many, the comic book industry is having to, here comes that word again, change to keep up with today’s society. Will this new Wonder Woman usher in a whole new generation of readers? I guess we’ll have to wait and see. I’m betting though, they may be a bit heavier and many of them will be far more adroit at finding comics and their favorite TV shows using the Bureau. And if they listen to our show, we’ll just enable them.

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