EPISODE 135 – Solar Convergence Phenomenon

Archie Comics With Obama And Palin

Archie Comics with President Obama and Sarah Palin

We LOVE getting E-Mails! Keep ’em coming! If you’ve never sent us one, or have been thinking about it… don’t think! Just do! We have 3 great ones today on varying subject matter. The first brings up the new Thor movie hammering theaters next summer. A lengthy-ass bootlegged trailer has made its way onto YouTube. You can check it out below in the Show Links… if it’s still up. We throw in our thoughts on it. Dennis and I were the only 2 who had seen the preview. Charlie couldn’t care less, as always and Mike was also indifferent.
Another E-Mail we got was from our good pal Marshall in Australia! He brought us more detailed intel on Paul Hogan’s tax evasion. Apparently Crocodile Dundee owes waaay more than originally reported here in the US… and on our little show. That’s why we’ve come up with a solution. Hogan should throw a benefit concert to raise the money to pay his tax debt. Tune in to hear some of the names he should call it.
Aside from getting updated on that story, we also have an update to one we told you about back in May. You may remember that Archie comics planned to introduce a gay character to the town of Riverdale. Well, that issue went on sell recently and sold out completely! The publishers of Archie say that’s the first time they’ve ever sold out of an issue in the comic book’s history! Mike thinks Kevin will eventually go the route of Poochie on the Itchy and Scratchy cartoons. Do you agree? Send us an E-Mail and let us know.
Has reality TV crossed the line? The cable network, TLC has a new reality series based on a man who is committing bigamy. He and his 4 wives star in the program, which has sparked a police investigation in their home state of…. yep, Utah. Bigamy, just like Polygamy, is illegal in all 50 states. Is it appropriate to glamorize or promote such illegal behavior for commercial profit? Send us an E-Mail and let us know.
And while we’re on the subject of reality TV crossing the line… The Hard Rock brand thinks one of their hotels has done just that. The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas is being sued by the parent company to be de-affiliated with the brand name. Why? Because of a mindless bullshit reality show of course. The TruTV show “Rehab” seems to be, according to the lawsuit, associating the Hard Rock brand with sexual exploitation and obnoxious behavior. The owners of Hard Rock want the name removed from the property and no longer want to be involved with it.
But an even better story than that is also beaming from sin city. The new mega-resort, City Center is apparently cooking their pool guests with an unintentional death ray. We don’t want to spoil the fun by laying it all out here. Listen to today’s show to get the details. We can’t make this up. It’s a “Solar Convergence Phenomenon.”

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