EPISODE 139 – White Noise

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This week we try a first for Internet radio and podcasting… well, maybe a first. Someone else might have already tried this before us. If not, we’re proud to say that we try to get everyone who listens to this show high. We’re always promoting the cunsumption of alcolohol on the show. And our uniterrupted ranting on anything and everything could drive anyone to do drugs, but this is the first time we ever directly tried to get you, our listeners, blitzed. Will we succeed? It’s tough to say. During the live show the only thing we succeeded at with the experiment is scaring ErrorFM into thinking their servers had exploded. But as you’ll hear in the story regarding this little test, it doesn’t work for everyone. What exactly am I talking about? How could we possibly get you high over the Internet? Tune in to find out! Now that’s a freakin’ tease!
Before that though we feel it necessary to bring you up to speed on some events that occurred over the Halloween break. First and foremost, Charlie Sheen has expensive taste in watches and not just pay-to-play women. According to reports that little tantrum he threw at that fancy New York hotel was because he thought his whore had stolen his crazy-valuable time piece. That’s why she locked herself in the bathroom. His attempt to play frisbee with hotel furniture scared her and she didn’t want to get a chair across the back world wrestling style.
And if you’re one of only 16 people still using MySpace you may have noticed it looks a little different. That’s because the News Corp-owned social website has launched their new redesign in hopes of bringing in at least some of the crowd they lost to Facebook the last couple of years. Sadly, MySpace’s interface continues to be cluttered, confusing and buggy. We’ll admit, it is in “beta”. But the site was terribly bug-ridden before on the old design too. And we know, Facebook is flakey too. But at least you can navigate Facebook without bleeding from your ears.
We also talk about Superman’s hip new emo-appearance. He’s getting the Twilight refresh for a new origins graphic novel retelling the story of his, uhhh… origins. Some say he’s full on hipster. Others think he looks too douchey. This seems to be the demand though in this day and age. The brightly colored tights of super heroes past are getting traded in for skinny jeans and hoodies. We’ll just have to get used to that.
We may also have to get used to playing video games with our bodies! Unless you’re black. Then the thing doesn’t work and you can’t play at all. I’m talking about the newly released MICROSOFT KINECT. The device that hooks up to your XBox360 allows you, using motion capture, to play a select group of games using bodily movements to control the guy on the screen. It’s the next step in kinetic game play from what the Wii started. Unfortunately the technology is a little racist some say. Due to contrast issues, which is what facial recognition software runs off of, it’s being reported that the device has trouble working with people who have dark skin tones. One test lab says it’s true, the other says they can’t duplicate the problem. Still, you can’t ignore the fact that there could be a flaw with the software’s processing. A new webcam technology on the latest HP computers released a few months back seem to suffer from a very similar issue. Look below in the Show Links for a YouTube video demonstrating that phenomenon.
Also on the rundown is another phenomenon of sorts. This one being stupidity amongst our college-aged kids and energy drink manufacturers. Somewhere along the line these drink concocters thought it’d be a good idea to mix tons of caffeine with tons of alcohol and sell it. And somewhere along that same wobbly line, college kids didn’t see any harm in downing them like a Mountain Dew or mixing them with even more alcohol and/or drugs. Clearly you can see the problem here right? The beverage makers don’t seem to. Perhaps it all comes down to moderation. Energy drinks are gross anyway. You should moderately drink them. And given they’re full of caffeine, and now alcohol, it’s best for your safety and health.
If you want an altered state of mind, just not from a can. Then we’re here to help. Who Asked You? has discovered a website selling audio that they claim will give you a simulated high. It’s totally legal and safe. However, the big question is does it work? Or are you just buying white noise? We put it to the test on today’s show. Listen in and see if it works on you. Disclaimer: Who Asked You? is not responsible for any act you commit under the influence of this episode. So if you wake up naked in a dumpster with your iPod shoved up your ass and your headphones wrapped around your bruised neck, don’t come crying to us.

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