EPISODE 182 – ‘Ghoul’ Asked You?


Scum BagIt’s that time again boys and girls… time for the Who Asked You? Halloween show. This year’s pun on our name continues a 4-year tradition of play-on-words fun. Someday, I feel I may run out of rhymes and whimsical word replacements, lets prey that day never comes. Speaking of 4-years… it’s our 4th Anniversary!!! Nothing special was planned for this episode since it was already our Halloween edition. But I’m thinking we’ll do something extra fun for our 5th. Suggestions always welcomed!
Our ghost story of a program starts with the usuals. Our Calendar segment seems to be settling in nicely and there’s even a few Halloween-related celebrations mentioned. And an E-Mail from a self-proclaimed “Dickhead Dentist” warns us and our listeners of the perils of brushing one’s teef with abrasive materials like baking soda. You may remember last week’s show when another listener signed of his E-Mail to us with a reminder of good oral care. The subsequent conversation included other options for cleaning your choppers outside of boring ol’ tooth paste.
In honor of our Halloween show we suddenly become possessed — because we can do that on-command you know — and the entire New Releases are discussed in demonic voices that’ll creep you out and that cost us $40,000. So be creeped out damn it!
You know what else our haunted hilarity brings forth? The terrifying news that Fred Durst is getting a sitcom. Cue woman screaming effect. It appears Durst will play an aging rock star who has to balance his fame and family. And get this, the working title for this “Limp” Bizkit is DOUCHEBAG. Fred Durst… starring… and co-producing a show… called DOUCHEBAG? You can’t tell me he doesn’t realize peoples’ view of him. This is marketing genius?
And if you’re still undecided about what you wanna dress up as this year. Maybe we can help. We’ve got a list of the most popular costumes for 2011 as well as one of those you should avoid. In anycase, you probably don’t want to dress up as any of these, because they’ll either be so popular someone else at the party is wearing it too or it’ll be lame and/or in bad taste. One of the costumes, Anthony Weiner, made both lists!
Our ghost story-of-a-show doesn’t end there. This is no trick, it’s a treat for all of us. TRANSFORMERS star, Shia LaBeouf got beat up outside of a bar in Vancouver after drinking heavily and being an asshole. Not to say the other guy wasn’t an asshole too… but as we look back at some of Shia’s previous offenses, it’s clear he’s ‘transforms” into a mean drunk.
On Halloween you can’t just be scared… you have to be grossed out too. That’s why we bring you another edition of Jenkem Watch! This time around, an Irish guy tries to get stinkin’ rich by performing a little alchemy. And a study out of England found something gross on British cell phones. You know the segment, you know what they found on them. We pinch off the numbers and tell you how many shitty phones there are in Great Britain.
And lastly, an old man knocking on doors was ‘tricking’ ladies and getting a ‘treat’ out of it. You’ll have to tune in to hear this, the conclusion to our hour-long ghoulish tale.

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