EPISODE 187 – ‘Seize’ The Moment


Twilight Birth SceneIt’s that time once again folks. Time for another technically imperfect episode of our show. Every once in awhile a glitch occurs in an otherwise flawless system. When that happens it can throw us off a bit. Luckily it’s not too major this time around. Due to unforeseen circumstances, our live feed was a no-go on ErrorFM.com. But lucky for you, our show is a podcast and can be downloaded at your discretion. This is a perfect opportunity to plug our numerous feeds! If ever this happens again and you’re unable to listen live… or just don’t want to, subscribe to our RSS Feeds and never miss an episode! Or subscribe via iTunes, the Stitcher app or the Blubrry app and Roku Channel. We should be back live next week for sure.
Aside from the loss of live netcasting and the momentary confusion involving the sound effects board and its mute button, we need to inform you of Charlie’s absence this week. Jabari, Mike, Dennis and yours truly remain at our posts and carry on dutifully with the program however.
It’s been nearly 2-weeks since Black Thursday/Friday. That means all the police reports have been filed and we’re able to recap — at the behest of Dennis — the foolishness of those who pile-drived the elderly, head-butted a small child or assaulted his/her fellow man in some other way for no other reason than 15% off of some product they could’ve gotten cheaper online somewhere, any day of the year. As I read aloud the criminal behavior that took place on these 2 shameful days, you’ll probably notice a commonality among them. I won’t spoil it hear. Tune in to find out what it is.
As if husbands, boyfriends, brothers and other male companions didn’t have it bad enough having to endure the subpar acting and over-abundance of bed head in the TWILIGHT films. Now they have to gamble on whether or not they’ll seizure while watching them. Since it’s premier, TWILIGHT: BREAKING DAWN has apparently caused seizures in at least 2 people in 2 different states. Apparently, during a scene in which the chick is giving birth, there are several bright flashes of light that trigger the response. As if you didn’t need anymore reasons NOT to watch these awful movies.
Since we’re on the subject of ‘birthing’, did you hear Siri won’t tell you where abortion clinics are? That’s right, the iPhone digital assistant comes up empty handed when queried on the subject. Many have already concluded Apple is imposing some sort of pro-life agenda via the app. The company says, however, it’s a glitch because Siri is still in beta. They say as the final version nears, these locations will be included and it was simply an oversight on their part. What do you think? Cast your vote on this week’s poll and tell us!
If you’re on an Android phone, you’ve got nothing to worry about. I put the Speaktoit Virtual Assistant I introduced you to a couple of weeks ago to the test and she passed with flying colors! You’ll hear it happen live on today’s episode. This launches me into a bit of a ‘Chase Rant’. I own an HTC Droid Incredible. The phone, in my opinion, is incredible. I’m a huge HTC fan, however, I must say they dropped the ball big time on their Gingerbread update. You’ll hear the rest of my thoughts and my journey of aggravation when updating my phone.
Somehow, we end up on the subject of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream in another classic, but very random, Who Asked You? segue. You’ll hear my recommendations for their best flavors. I may have even convinced Dennis to try a few of them.
And we end this Cheese-less edition with another story of a school choosing someone with an unconventional profession to speak to their students. Just last week we told you about Sasha Grey, a former porn star, reading to children at an elementary school on Compton to the dismay of their parents and flat out denial by the school’s administrators. Now comes news that a Hooters waitress spoke at a special needs school in Florida regarding her career. Now hold off on your insta-judgement. She didn’t tell the children she worked at Hooters and was not in the restaurant’s iconic skimpy uniform. She was there to talk about being a waitress and how working in the service industry while going to college to better yourself was a great thing to do. Still, despite the ambiguity of exactly WHERE she worked, parents were still pissed off over the whole thing. You’d think in this day and age where grown adults fist fight over a video game, teeny bopper movies cause seizures and smartphones will tell you just about anything you wanna know, there’d be bigger concerns on parents’ minds than some pretty lady showing up at school to talk about going to college, or reading for story time… I guess not.

Wal-Mart – The epicenter of Black Friday madness.
Twilight: Breaking Dawn – WARNING: May cause seizures! No, really!
Apple iPhone 4S
Speaktoit – Unlike Siri, it knows where abortion clinics are.
Ben & Jerry’s

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