EPISODE 188 – Whilst


3 pieces of crapStrong words on today’s show for a few upcoming movie and TV projects. First, THE SITTER. A film starring Jonah Hill. We had no intention of sitting through THE SITTER but due to some technical issues with SCROOGED at a free midnight movie event on Saturday, we did just that. Hey, it was free. Sadly, this film was such an uneven, poorly paced travesty, the fact that we didn’t have to pay for it does little to comfort us. Dennis was the lucky one in the group. He drank himself into a stuper and wasn’t able to attend the screening. Charlie — who is out again this week — Mike, Jabari and I, however, took one for the team. You’ll want to tune into this episode to hear a number of reasons why you shouldn’t pay for this ADVENTURES IN BABYSITTING rip off.
But the harsh words don’t stop there. We need to get something off our chests and it involves ABC getting something off their air. You may have seen the commercial already… the American Broadcasting Company, in its infinite wisdom is bringing us a sitcom in January called, WORK IT. It’s from the brilliant minds behind FRIENDS and is about 2 guys who end up cross dressing as women in order to get jobs. Yeah, this joke should be sustainable for several seasons without getting old. Not since the Geico Caveman sitcom have we seen a premise for a show so damned awful we almost couldn’t believe our eyes. Is this real? Is this an actual show that people got paid to write and produce and edit?
The words keep-a-flowin’ as we move along to our commentary on THE THREE STOOGES movie. If you see this film you’ll be poking your own eyes out, you won’t need Moe to do it. From the teaser trailer that premiered online this week we can surmise a few played out, overused and down right insulting elements from this film. All of which run the length of the entire trailer and will most likely do the same in the actual film too. First, the fish out of water gag. The 3 seem lost in time or at least, completely out of their element (please see the iPhone scene in the trailer below). Second, the only truly convincing Stooge of the 3 is Will Sasso as Curly. Larry is… umm… not working for me and Moe is borderline. Then we have Snooki. Yeah, you read that correctly, Snooki is in this movie….. case rested.
A very entertaining listener E-Mail precedes our first main story of the day. You won’t want to miss this rant about holiday shopping. And speaking of shopping; one STAR WARS fan picked up the ultimate memorabilia at a Hollywood auction this past week. The original 35mm movie camera used to shoot A NEW HOPE. Fully restored, with lens, accessories and even the dolly! Apparently there is an entire community of collectors who specialize in accumulating movie cameras used to shoot iconic films. Not as easy as it may sound. Movie cameras are expensive. Plus, a majority of features are shot with Panavision cameras and lenses, available for renting only. Older units collecting dust do get sold off. But you gotta know when and where. And you gotta have the cash. Especially if you’re buying the one used on STAR WARS. Wait ’till you hear total for the winning bid!
In order to meet the monthly guidelines of educational content within a podcast, we must bring you another round of ‘Who Fact You?’. This one is a bit more brisk compared to past lists. Perhaps it’s because Charlie is absent. Or maybe because Dennis is hungover. In any case, you’ll get 10 more facts to wow your pals with at the next kegger.
Getting back to our ‘words’ theme… there’s one grouping of letters that is immediately recognizable when it comes to pornography and that’s “XXX”. And now, websites specializing in the naughty content can end in .xxx instead of com or net or whatever. A registry company here in the US has started selling domains with the triple-letter extension. This could be good and bad. You may have heard the organization that oversees the web and domain registration is looking to expand extensions to include anything; .me, .horse, .car, .fart… whatever you can think of. This means though that companies trying to protect their image will have to spend more money to do so. Take ErrorFM for example. They’d have to pay the registrar X-amount of dollars to keep someone from registering ErrorFM.xxx. We’d have to do the same thing with whoaskedyoushow. We’re not going to though because the .xxx extension is $200 a year! And honestly, what kind of porn site would ‘whoaskedyoushow.xxx’ be? I can tell you what it won’t be: ours. I can tell you what it might be: select images from our hosts’ sextings.
And we end the show with a story about another modified mobility scooter. It was about a year ago we first told you about a plumber who managed to get his Tom Kruse invention Kruse-ing into the fast lane, now an Britain-based 24 year-old has done it too. His is a bit beefier though. It was taken by police after they caught him scootin’ along at 60 mph on the thing. He got it back, but not before some strong words from the town’s council. It’s tough to sound stern though when you’re quoted using the word ‘whilst’ don’t you think? Very proper, elegant, and still used in the UK it seems. Hmm, you decide whilst listening to this week’s program.

“The Sitter” Official Website
ABC’s “Work It” – From the producers of “Friends”… nuff said.
“The Three Stooges” Movie Website
This is what Star Wars II and III was shot with.
Panavision – They make movie cameras.
ICM Registry – Get your .XXX domain now!

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