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EPISODE 177 – Refurbished


Vadar and LucasIt’s another one of ‘those’ shows. Quite frankly, not our best work. Dennis and Jabari are a little hung over. That doesn’t excuse the rest of us, however, we work as a well oiled machine. If one of the cogs gets jammed, we all slow down. We might not be the most interesting part of this show, but our topics are sure worth a listen.
Set a course for STAR TREK: ONLINE, maximum warp! The MMO game from Cryptic Studios plans to go free-to-play before the end of this year. That works out great for those of us too cheap to pay a monthly or lifetime subscription fee. But how will it work out for those who already have? That’s one question we wonder about.
And we didn’t leave you STAR WARS folks out. More news is emerging about the Blu-ray release of the 6 films. Mainly that George Lucas is ‘refurbishing’ them once again. He’s decided to add more CGI whether it be rocks, characters or eyelids. And he’s added the same line of dialogue to the same character he did in EPISODE 3 in EPISODE 6. It was made fun of and not well received then and is already getting the same reaction again.
Once we return from a green screen far far away, it’s time for the second part of our Texas “It’s The Law” segment. We learn which town Dennis can’t move to because of his secret huffing problem, so you won’t want to miss this.
And our show ends with broken news starting with new words being added and old ones taken away from the various dictionaries we use. Words like “tweet”… yeah… I know. That dumb-ass website has had that much of an impact on our culture. I shudder at the thought… or is it shutter? I’d better look that up.
You thought HP’s Touchpads were expensive before? You should see them now. Since the computer giant decided to liquidate the failure that was WebOS they’ve been selling like crazy. So much so, on eBay they’re going for twice what they did before the price drop. One entrepreneurial fellow thought he could take advantage of some of these stupid people too by offering a crude drawing of the tablet and to his surprise, the bids — real and fake — poured in. But why wouldn’t they, after all, he does mention in his auction you get an Android version free. That’s a pretty good deal. Oh, and the drawings are done in blue pen. I hear the market for that kind of work is very strong right now.

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EPISODE 132 – Malfunctioning Bladder Sphincter


Denny's Fried Cheese Melt
Denny's Fried Cheese Melt
Bladder sphincters aren’t the only thing malfunctioning on today’s show. There must be some sort of celestial energy, or perhaps the planets have aligned just right. Whatever it might be, the last few shows have been plagued with technical issues. There was the time our audio levels vanished just as we were going live and it took 10 minutes to get them back. Then there were a few occasions I had channels muted and sounds were not playing. I take full responsibility for that. Then there was just last week I forgot to hit the record button and again this week! Don’t worry, you only miss about a minute of the show this time. And on top of that, the sound effects board this week decided to not function. This is due to a “dump” that computer took over the last week which required a Windows XP repair. Long story short, there were a lot of missing drivers. Luckily Charlie gets the board up and running during the program so we don’t have to go too long without our precious sounds.
Arnold however is absent this week, for reasons yet unexplained, the Arnold button is not functioning. I’m sure this is related to the dump the computer had. I will strive to have our show back to its flawless production value by next week. Longtime listeners will know there was a time when our show went off without a hitch. Maybe when the cosmic rays, or in our case, skeet move out of our direction all will be well again. The awkward fumbling about at the start of the show is entertaining in itself, so enjoy!
As for this episode’s content. Just before the recording started, I had read off some details about a new sandwich Denny’s is offering up. As if Denny’s food isn’t bad enough for you, they go and stuff fried cheese inside of cheese on bread that you can dip in sauce with a side of fat french fries.
Listener E-Mails come in today with news that our show is heard in the UK!!! Technically it’s always been available worldwide via the Interwebs. But we have confirmation that someone on the other side of our planet is listening to us! Thanks Lewis in the United Kingdom by the way for giving us the time of day. We also have a lengthy thesis from Commander Vonfrogstein, who clearly let too many shows build up before venting his opinions because his E-Mail is a long one. But that’s cool. We read it all.
Craigslist has closed down the adult section of the site after pressure from various states and law enforcement. Some claim the classifieds website doesn’t filter adds posted on it very well *cough* employment section. And that in the adult area there are postings promoting prostitution and other illegal sex activities. Perhaps shutting the section down was a little extreme. Maybe better monitoring was the solution. Forcing a company to shut down an open online community like this could be seen as a free speech violation. But there’s a lot of gray area that we’d rather not ponder right now. We would like to know, however, what you think about them closing the naughty section of Craigslist. Vote on this week’s We Ask You Online Poll or send us an E-Mail for next Sunday’s show.
We also have tons of Avatar news that’ll make you blue in the face. Whether it’s an extended version in theaters, the two sequels, the extended extended DVD or the costly 3D Blu-ray coming in December, we’ll break it all down.
Also on the docket, Taylor Lautner is suing an RV dealership for a botched dressing room-RV he was supposed to receive for his new movie. This filthy rich teeny-bopper wants $40,000 for emotional distress. The RV dealer has a better idea for that $40,000 and Lautner would be a spoiled dick if he doesn’t except.
Foursquare, that app that tells your friends where you’re at via GPS in your phone, also wants to tell your friends if you’ve got anything nasty going on in your downstairs business. They’ve teamed with MTV for the “Get Yourself Tested” campaign and are offering a special limited badge that tells your friends you’re getting tested for STDs when you check into your local clinic. There’s something you don’t want to be mayor of!
If STD talk isn’t enough, we’ve got a few items from a list of the 11 strangest sexual conditions in the world. These are actual conditions and disorders that afflict people in the sack… no pun intended.
And hopefully, the providers of ingredients for our final story don’t have any STDs. A man in London is using the urine of diabetic patients, like his own grandmother, to make whiskey. Apparently the tinkle is high in sugars and ferments quite nicely. He doesn’t sell it and has no plans to, but still… drinking your granny’s piss?

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EPISODE 130 – Silence Of The Lambs


Godgrilla BBQ
World's Largest BBQ dubbed Godgrilla
This episode gets off to a silent start with the sound effects being muted for a few moments. The silence continues after that with the segment cues being muted. Although I do figure out which button to press during the “New Releases” and do get around to playing it during the segment. And Mike’s friend Glen sits in once again and the show randomly gets taken over by the black folk on the panel leaving Charlie and Chase a bit… well… silent. But that’s okay! Last time Glen was with us — the episode called Ghetto Pirate — it was our least productive show ever. I think I made it through about 1 and a half stories on that one. This time I do manage to get through the entire rundown, but forget to read off the Poll Question for this week. And right off the bat with our first story, we don’t even talk about the story.
What was supposed to be a short discussion about how awesome “The Expendables” was turned into sports shop talk between Dennis and Glen about the last few Madden games from EA Sports. At least this way you don’t have to worry about any spoilers. While sort of quasi on the topic of Sylvester Stallone, we have news of his replacement in a reboot to one of his films as well.
And the story that involves the unmentioned Poll Question this week is that of George Lucas’ decision NOT to include the original theatrical versions of the first Star Wars films on the Blu-ray box set that comes out next Fall. The fans have begged and pleaded to offer the originals in every incarnation that the “Special Editions” were in. But for whatever reasons known only to him, Lucas wants the classic versions to disappear. Not to mention, according to LucasFilm, they permanently altered the original negatives when they digitally mastered them for the “Special Editions.” So there you go. Han will still step on Jabba’s tail and Sabastian Shaw’s ghostly presence in Jedi is still replaced with that Canadian kid that can’t act worth a damn.
We go from a galaxy far far away to the lovely state of Vermont for a fun-filled round of “It’s The Law”. Vermont has some very strict margarine laws. As a dairy state, they take their milk products very seriously… they also require you to bathe at least once a week. And they don’t allow you to strip down in public, only in private. There’s more to this law you’ll want to hear!
And speaking of ‘private.’ Facebook has released a new app that allows your friends to violate your privacy without your knowledge, while you’re sitting next to them. It’s called “Facebook Places” and anyone who uses the Foursquare app on their mobile phone will feel right at home with this one. Using GPS the program allows you to “check-in” at locations that you visit (i.e. the movies, a club or store). But Facebook’s version allows a user to check their friends into those locations as well with a simple drag and drop. This could lead to awkward hilarity, especially if you told one friend you were staying in to fold laundry and then pop up a short time later on Facebook as being at your favorite bar with a few other friends. This would also work — in horrible ways — with stalkers, vengeful ex-lovers or co-workers/bosses you called in sick to that day.
The show winds down with a new burger joint that serves not-so-new burgers, a Swedish dude that may need to mortgage his home to pay a speeding ticket and a BBQ that can cook up to 7 whole lambs… Ahh, see what I did there. I brought the title of the episode full circle. I started with the ‘silence’ thing and ended with ‘lambs.’ I’m awesome!

Strong-ass beers our listeners have tried: Oskar Blues’ Ten FIDY, Absinthe, O’Dules, Gasoline and Giraffe… we’re confused on this one too.
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Far Far Away

R2-D2 Birthday CakeWe’re taking this week off to celebrate Mike’s birthday. You regular listeners will know that Mike is a huge Star Wars fan. So I plucked this image of a R2-D2 cake from the web just for him. This was our other cake option. Being such a fan of Vader and friends, Mike will appreciate this bit of news on his birthday. Lucasfilm Ltd. has announced the official release date for the Blu-ray versions of all 6 Star Wars films. You can pick up the commemorative box set of the entire saga in Fall of 2011. It hasn’t been stated whether they’ll be the original theatrical releases or the updated special edition versions. Fan demand for a DVD version of the originals forced Lucas to release them on DVD after only offering the special editions at first.
Another area that Mike is interested in is old-school animation (i.e. drawing frame by frame, hand painting the cells, etc.). So here’s some animation-related stories for you Mike that involve no traditional animation at all! First up, a company called Hannover House has partnered with another company, Red Bear Entertainment, to produce “Terminator 3000″. It’s going to be a 3D animated feature film based on the characters and story of the original Terminator film. Unfortunately, shortly after their announcement, the company received a cease and desist order from the new owners of the Terminator franchise, Carolco. But the CEO of Hannover, Eric Parkinson, who produced the first film claims he has animation rights and those weren’t included in the sale to Carolco. If this pissing contest ends and the film gets produced they’re budgeting $70 million for it and plan to shoot for a PG-13 rating. So it’ll probably be less violent than what we’ve seen with the live-action films.

Bugs Bunny
What's up doc? My ass for a Hollywood raping, that's what.
Although Mike is a pen and paper animator, he does still enjoy the computer-generated works of Pixar. And so does a large portion of the world. Pixar was pleased to announce this week that Toy Story 3 has become the highest grossing animated film of all time. Buzz, Woody and their pals have stuffed the toy box at Disney with $920 million since the film opened in June. It’s also only Disney’s second animated feature to cross the $400 million mark domestically. Right now, as it continues to rake in the cash it’s Disney’s fourth biggest film ever. Mike’s recent reaction on the show to the live-action/CG Yogi Bear movie coming this Christmas was so good it seemed only natural to bring this up as well. Warner Brothers has announced that a live action/CG Bugs Bunny movie is on the way. Because, “Space Jam” and “Looney Tunes: Back in Action” were soooo great. A real tribute to those iconic characters. Did you get my sarcasm there? This new reason for Tex Avery, Chuck Jones and Mel Blanc to role in their graves is getting penned by the guy who wrote “Elf,” David Berenbaum. He also adapted “The Spiderwick Chronicles” for the big screen. This movie sounds terrible already and we know nothing about it. No good can come from cartoon to live-action/CG adaptations. We have yet to see one that was enjoyable…. Happy Birthday Mike!!!

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