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EPISODE 157 – The Beck-ening


Glenn BeckLike most of 7th HEAVEN’s shows, this is a ‘very special’ episode. Not only is it our annual April Fools’ Day edition, but we’re also welcoming back former co-host, current degenerate, Jabari Tiffith. As you’ll hear on today’s program, Jabari’s sabbatical was quite eventful in many ways. But after awhile he longed for that certain overwhelming explosion of useless jibberish and pop-culture hogwash, he just couldn’t stay away. So we dusted off his mic, used one of those sticky roller things to remove all the hair from his windscreen and cleared a spot for him at the Who Asked You? table of champions.
As we like to do with the April Fools’ show, we’ve compiled a series of stories that may, or may not be true. This is really easy to do nowadays. If you’re a regular listener you know that all of our stories are true, but outrageous enough you’d think we made them up… I mean, come on! Channing Tatum burning his penis? Jenkem? You can’t make this stuff up. But on our April Fools’ show, it just might be… or maybe not. Will you be an April Fool? Or will you be calling Jonathan Frakes wondering what’s fact or fiction? And no Googling… that’s cheating! We’ll reveal the foolings, if there are any, at the end of the program.
Today’s ‘possible’ foolery… or not, includes news from NBC that they’re rebooting CHEERS, one of their most successful sitcoms. The series based in a Boston bar ran for 11 years and spawned 2 spin-offs. Not bad for a show that was nearly canceled after it’s first season. The story of the reboot goes like this. It’s been 18 years and Cheers is under new ownership. The idea is to bring the show into the 21st century by telling a story about how the bar’s new owner is doing the same with the aging establishment. It’s set to premier in the fall with possibly old cast members guest starring on select episodes… or is it?
Is Glenn Beck getting his own TV network? I know, I know he pretty much has one already. It’s called FOX NEWS CHANNEL. It’s being rumored… or is it? That when his contract expires at the end of this year, he may abandon the right-wing cable net for his own 24/7 channel. We just saw Oprah do it… so why not Mr. Beck? He already has a highly successful radio show and website with tons of media content. Oh yeah, he also has that awesome “dry-erase board of truth” he utilizes in his high-decibel ranting. That’s it’s own show right there… an entire hour of him and his cohorts sketching caricatures of their favorite least-favorite democrats. Is America ready for a Beck-work? Then again, this could be an April Fools prank. We’ll report, you decide.
And we’ve got news of another fool — no April required — dumping on his own movie. Michael Bay took some potshots at TRANSFORMERS 2: REVENGE OF THE FALLEN… or maybe he didn’t? You may recall Megan Fox made her own derogatory comments about Bay’s directing style and the film. She promptly transformed out of the gig right afterwards too. Michael Bay says her dismissal had nothing to do with her comments, but we beg to differ. Remember that letter his staff wrote about her? And Shia LeBeouf also stated the film wasn’t up-to-par and his performance could’ve been better. All during this last year Bay stuck up for his ‘number 2′. But now it appears he’s switching gears. Is it true? You’ll find out!
Just about as quickly as that baby shaking app vanished in the Apple store, so too has another. A Christian group in Florida launched an application for Steve Jobs-based mobile devices that they claimed could cure someone of homosexuality. Of course this sparked outrage… or did it? And an e-petition was promptly circulated by gay rights activists to get the app removed. But this sparked another debate. Would removing it violate the religious group’s free speech rights? That is the question. A bigger question though is whether or not this story is even true! Could we be fooling you?
Play along won’t you? See if you can guess what stories on this episode are of merit or mockery. Filled with the return of an old friend, out of place audio cues and inappropriate candor, it’s the Beck-ening, it’s our April Fools’ joke on all of you……… or is it?

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Good Evening, Thanks For Joining Us, I’m… A Little Tipsy

A funny prank meant only for the camera crew goes wrong during this English-language Finnish newscast. The anchor was delivering a story about misconduct of bars selling alcohol. He was pretending to drink a beer to make the studio laugh when the director cut back to him a bit early. His reaction is priceless! He was fired afterward. There’s now a Facebook movement with over 44,000 supporters trying to get him his job back.

EPISODE 114 – Stop Foolin’ Around!


NOT an April Fools' Joke
The Secret Diary of Desmond Pfeiffer
It’s another April Fool’s Day edition of Who Asked You?, only this one is not up to par with last year’s. We’re just being honest here… little effort was put into this show from all fronts. There seemed to be a lot of fooling around leading up to the All Fool’s Day show. So here it is in all of its randomness. Just look at the various Show Links, that’ll give you a clue as to how scattered today’s program is.
We’ve got mail… from our friend down in Australia, Marshall. You remember him right? He sat in with us on episode 92. He got a little behind on his Who Asked episodes, but finally got the chance to catch up and decided to E-Mail us afterward with an update about a story we did involving the ban on underaged-looking women in porn. He’s got some detail in a lengthy E-Mail!
Some of our new releases are real and some are not. It’s too easy these days to make up a faulty movie title and mix it in with the real deals. So many legitimate titles seem like someone is playing a trick on you nowadays. One release, it’s authenticity not being disclosed here, brings up some old TV blunder memories all thanks to the moronic programmers of the once mighty UPN network. “The Secret Diary of Desmond Pfeiffer” (the P is NOT silent) is no April Fool’s prank. It’s not made up. This was a real show that aired on network television albeit for an embarrassing four episodes. But nevertheless… if you’ve never heard of this show, Google it. And prepare to be amazed that it was ever green lit.
There’s news of two classic sitcoms going the way of the big screen adaptation. Details of these have been “altered” for the sake of the whole April Fool’s Day thing we’re claiming to be doing this week, blah blah… and so on. And along with those stories are a couple that, in whole, may or may not be true. Will you be fooled?
There’s a special edition of Who Facted You? on today’s show as well. These facts are extra true and you should learn them and remember them for all time. For the knowledge we expel today during this bit could change your very understanding of the universe. What kind of knowledge you ask? Well, knowledge like how many times Bill O’Reilly farts during his show. Now that Fox News link in the Show Links is starting to make sense isn’t it?
Because of the lack of full-assed effort put into this week’s presentation, we end up with time to kill at the end of the show and talk about a recent racial conundrum Dennis, Mike and Chase witnessed while out with former host Jabari and his pals.

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