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EPISODE 197 – Ferengi Face


Rom the Ferengi
Rom the Ferengi
Some might say we’re a little TMZ-ish at the start of today’s show. I for one, absolutely loath shows like that. Once you hear what the subject matter is, you’ll understand why it made our radar. Singer Rihanna is quote/un-quote, back together again with her facial reconstruction lover, Chris Brown. The buzz is that they’re just working on some songs together, but now there’s rumors they’re a couple once more. Either way, why in the fuck would she want to be around him? Does she have a fetish for biting? It’s not like she’s hurtin’ for money. I don’t care how big the check is, if you made me look like — in Dennis’ words — a Ferengi from STAR TREK and bit the shit outta me… I ain’t working with you. And I sure as hell wouldn’t return to any sort of romantic relationship.
Anyway, that’s the ACCESS HOLLYWOOD part of the show. We then switch gears to being ESPN-ish with news that Ben & Jerry’s made what some might consider a racial faux-pas when mixing up their newest frozen yogurt flavor to celebrate New York Knicks’ player, Jeremey Lin. It was only being sold in the Boston area where Lin went to college. But now everyone knows about it. You’d think after the ESPN “Chink In The Armor” headline debacle of last week, companies would be treading carefully on the ‘Lin-sanity’ front. Someone at the ice cream giant thought it’d be a good idea to crumble fortune cookies in the celebratory flavor. Out of all the ingredients you can put in yogurt, they chose fortune cookies? Now, in full disclosure, I’m a huge ice cream junkie. Love it! And Ben & Jerry’s is my favorite brand out there. So I’m going to defend them to a certain extent on this. I don’t think they meant anything by it. They were probably going for that ‘good fortune’ element rather than, ‘he’s Asian, lets crumble fortune cookies on top because chow mein would be gross in ice cream.’ After all, if you wanna get technical about it, fortune cookies are actually an American invention. Not to mention, Ben and Jerry are two pretty liberal guys and probably didn’t have anything to do with it anyway. The flavor was created at a specific scoop shop. But again, looking at the recent pun-filled controversies flooding the web, there should’ve been a little more care taken when choosing a cookie to crush on top. Why not just do a sweet swirl of honey and a sour swirl of… err uhh, scratch that. Moving on…
The Razzie nominations are out, and some records were set. Mainly by one particular actor. I pose a ‘Chase’s Challenge’ to the guys to see if they can figure out who it is. Dennis does so, right off the bat… he cheated though.
Jonathan Liebsman is likely to take the helm of a new live-action TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES. Yep, something else Hollywood couldn’t leave alone. We’ve talked about this film before. News of its production has sprinkled the rumor mill for the last few years and it looks like the stage is finally set. The one constant throughout it all is that Michael Bay’s company, Platinum Dunes will produce the movie. If the Technodrome transforms, I’m out!
Poor AT&T… they just can’t win. Whether it’s a $4-billion purchase of T-Mobile or a pissed off customer in small claims court, there’s just no justice for the mobile phone industry. In California, a judge sided with a customer who sued AT&T because his unlimited data plan was being slowed down when he reached just 2 GB. The judge told the miserable area sales manager who lost the staff straw draw and had to represent AT&T in the courtroom that morning that it is unfair for the company to throttle customers’ bandwidth while at the same time calling the service ‘unlimited’. The guy won over $800! He can put that towards a new iPhone!
If you’re a PORTAL player, have we got news for you! Transport yourself down to the local toy or comic shop this summer to pick up your very own replica of the Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device. It won’t get you inside a gender of your choosing’s locker room or a bank vault. But it’ll work as a flash light when the power goes out, or as a damn nice prop in your YouTube fan film. Suggested retail price? $130.
Finally, a bridge linking Slovakia and Austria is getting named after an action movie star. You’d think, given it’s Austria, that our pal Arnold Schwarzenegger would be receiving the honor. But that’s not the case. Tune in for the surprising choice voted on by the residents there.

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