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EPISODE 150 – Where’s The Beef?


Do Not Enter Taco BellIt’s an offbeat episode of the Who Asking Of today. First off, the show is LIVE Sunday nights at 8pm/PT on It gets recorded and posted here Mondays at 3pm/PT. And as you’re probably aware, yesterday was the Super Bowl. Due to this momentous event, half of our hosts were missing for the first part of the show. People have often made the comment, 4 hosts is too many. To them I say, HA!!! Even when half our guys are stuck in traffic, or in this case, sobering up at the bar, we still have 2 hosts at their mics! And thanks to the wonderful world of Skype, we were able to bring in a good friend at the last second incase the fellas didn’t make it in time.
William T. Lane, who we interviewed not to long ago, was paged via Skype and was gracious enough to join us. Even after I F-ed up his name at the start of the show, which I’ve typed out on this site and have said aloud many times before, he didn’t hang up. For reasons I can’t explain, I wanted to call Will, Chris. And for those same unexplainable reasons, his last name eluded me. So I got his first name wrong and completely forgot his last name. Veteran broadcast extraordinaire, I am not…
Mike and Dennis arrive just in time for our first story of the program. A, shall we say, highly highly highly anticipated video game has finally gotten a release date. Mr. Nukem of DUKE NUKEM FOREVER is finally going to be back in action vaporizing aliens, punching aliens, running over aliens, oh yeah… and hanging out at the strip club. After years of various delays and complications the game is done and ready for store shelves to the delight of gamers the world over.
And if it’s not a video game resurrecting those feelings of nostalgia, it’s Warner Brothers and Studio4°C drumming them up with a reboot to a classic cartoon. They’re feelin’ frisky with our old feline friends of the planet Thundera. The 2 companies are hard at work on a new, what they call, “anime” style series featuring Lion-O and his pals. They’re telling everyone it’ll appeal to both new and old fans, but the official artwork they’ve released just isn’t working for us. The characters definitely do have that “anime” look to them. At first glance, their look screams FOX BOX or WB KIDS to me. You know, all that shitty American wannabe anime? The picture is in the Show Links below. Have a look and judge for yourself. And if you want to chime in on it, or anything, shoot us a message.
Also on the show, news that Morgan Freeman is being replaced in an upcoming film by… Tyler Perry?!?!? Freeman has portrayed this character in 2 previous films. Do you think you know which role we’re talking about? Are you getting worried it’s a certain super hero flick with a third installment on the way? It may or may not be… tune in to find out.
Forbes seems to think it has the power to predict which major corporations could go out of business each year. So far that power has proved to be less than spot on. Case in point, last year they predicted Blockbuster Video would be “rolling credits” as it’s subscriber-base has been largely decimated by companies like Netflix and Redbox. Yet, it’s still here. Even after a bankruptcy and mass closing of hundreds of stores… it’s still here. There’s another retailer we “judge by it’s cover” that made Forbes’ list last year too. And it’s still around as well. See what we mean? Forbes announcing possible impending doom for a company could actually send it into such chaos where it otherwise might not end up. There are several others on this bucket list you’ll wanna hear about.
Meanwhile TACO BELL is fighting criticisms that its ground beef isn’t all that “beefy”. Really? Folks are just now starting to question “where’s the beef?” Ironically it was a commercial for WENDY’S back in 1984 when actress Clara Peller first uttered the inquiry. Now it’s being posed to TACO BELL… I smell a clever ad campaign TACO BELL P.R. Department! This launches us into a total break down of beef and ingredients across many other fast food favorites. Yeah, it was only a few months ago we talked about the non-decomposing burger and fries from the golden arches… now it’s the not so bovine beef in the purple bell. The CEO of TACO BELL claims their “taco filling” as they call it, and as Mike, a former employee of the company has pointed out many times, is 88% USDA inspected beef. And that the rest of the ingredients are oats and seasonings to enhance the flavor. Still, some aren’t convinced. Listen in to find out the surprising results one apparent lab test found. Experts say will be a tough sell to courts, because many don’t seem to mind the faux-filling, but it’ll certainly have one little old lady from 1984 asking, “where’s the beef?”

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Denyce Lawton
Like our open says, “do not panic”…. what you’re seeing is an all-new Who Asked You? website. It’s a last-stitch effort to try and draw in a few more listeners… god knows we need ‘em. Take a moment to look around. The layout is basically the same as the old site. Just fancier more modern looking buttons. The addresses for each page are different, so if you have any individual pages bookmarked, you may want to update them.
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Alright, now onto this week’s show. Besides this awesome new website we’re occupying, we’ve got two other HUGE announcements you’ll wanna hear. They could change your life forever!
Plus a listener E-Mail from Comic-Con! It’s like we have our own correspondent down there! He brings us a brief sentence of Batman movie news.
We go through another rousing round of Who Fact You? which in turn generates conversations relating to saliva and then food poisoning from In-N-Out Burger and more.
Harry Potter’s pot-o-money is a bit smaller this week. He was beat out in the box office by another kids film which is less than half as entertaining and not at all creative.
Then we round out this new show on our new website with It’s The Law, followed by a couple of random stories involving showering in the car, parking on the lawn of the police station and naked time! Oh yeah, and I think there’s a Question of the Ages thrown in there somewhere too!
Don’t forget to tell us what you think about the new site by voting on this week’s We Ask You Online Poll.

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